I am a dead man. It is so strange to write these words and to know that they are true. That with each passing word or space, I am traveling down this page closer and closer to the pen stroke that will punctuate my non-existence and yet, you who are privy to these most intimate thoughts and ultimately the only remaining thoughts of my thrilling existence are traveling through these characters to arrive at the fountainhead of a most sensational and often times harrowing journey. Where this journey will take you, I cannot fathom and what you will take from this journey; well, that is only for you to comprehend.

I don’t know who you are wide eyed traveler, but I do know this. Where you stand now is a very intimidating place. I can imagine the fear, the apprehension, the sheer exhilaration, and of course the confusion of what you’re to do next.This tome is my parting gift to you. It chronicles all of my adventures with Professor Clark Savage, Sr., his son Clark, Jr., known to most people as Doc and the rest of our motley crew known as The Furious Five.

Ah, the Five; how we blazed across the globe dispatching evil in all his guises. We were glorious together. How, I will miss you. In this adventure chaps, I go first, and I must go alone.

“We die only once, and for such a long time.”

Nyack, NY The Home of Mr. and Mrs. Albrecht Marmalarde

“Albrecht, are you listening to me?”

“Pardon mon petite schatz. Did you say something?”

“Yes. I said i you don’t get out of this lab and come upstairs for supper in the next five minutes,

I’m going to let Wolfgang use your sock drawer as a nest for his squirrel.”

A pair of blacked out goggled eyes slowly rose up from the mass of wires and solder below them. They traveled up past the four inch pumps and the long and luxuriously hosed legs they supported, up past the curvaceous hour glass contained within the apron with the cherries printed on it, pausing for a brief moment on the bright red, rose petal lips, which even in their present state of aggravation could make any man’s knees buckle, and finally arriving at a pair of large, unflinching green eyes.

“Try me buster.” said the rose petal lips.

“Ya wohl, minou.”

“Good. Now what are you working on?”

“It is to be an electromagnetic wave propulsion engine or so I hope. Nicola is still toying with his "Wall of light” theory and he has such little time these days. I am hoping to alleviate some of his burden by constructing this for him in my spare time.”

Patricia Marmalarde sauntered over to her husband with the grace of a tigress and a look in her eye as if she had just spotted her prey. She placed her arms around him and gave him a taste of roses.

“That’s wonderful dear. As long as your personal time doesn’t cut in to my play time. ”
Albrecht threw off his gloves and goggles.

“Well then my love, shall we play?” he said with a sly smile.

Although Albrecht Marmalarde was a scholarly man of the highest degree, he kept his body just as fit and strong as his mind. He lifted his wife up in to his arms with the same ease it would take him to recite Einstein’s theory.Patricia squealed with delight as she was hoisted in to the air.

“Not now silly. Supper is almost done and Wolfgang will be home any minute.”

“Ah, but I am a master of physics as well as invention my dear. We shall bend time and space to the whims of our passions.”

The frisky scientist began ascending the laboratory staircase carrying his beautiful bride when he was brought to an abrupt halt.

“I’m afraid your passions whims will have to be put on hold for the time being Mssr. Marmalarde.”

Standing in the upstairs doorway was a man of such dark and sinister countenance, the mere sight of him caused Patricia to tremble uncontrollably in her husband’s embrace.

The man was tall with long oily hair the color of pitch. He wore a leather coat and heavy boots. His hands were thick and large, appearing to be made of stone and by the look of them, the scientist and his wife knew that they had killed with ease and with no quarter. But the thing which dashed all hope from the hearts of the two lovers above all else was his voice. The voice of this man was deep and hollow as an echo within a tomb.

“You and your little family have an appointment Herr Professor.”