Excerpt from the journals of Lester Dentin regards to

Brigadier General (UK) Theodore Marley "Ham" Brooks; Marine Biologist and Lawyer. Ham met Clark Sr. whilst the young Scotsman was working for Alfred Deakin, Attorney General to Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmond Barton. Barton had requested Clark Savage Sr.’s assistance in negotiations with many of the aboriginal tribes due to Clark’s extensive research of the indigenous Australian’s, many of whom inducted him in to their tribes. The headlines at that time in Clark Sr.’s resident state of North Dakota read “Savage To Speak To Savages”.

He was unamused by the ignorant portrayal of such an enlightened and artistic peoples. But Clark was impressed with Theodore and his theories on life in the Great Barrier Reef. He was so impressed that following his diplomatic mission in to the Outback, a month did not go by for five years where there wasn’t a correspondence between the two men until Clark finally called upon Ham to come and work for him on his Bermuda island compound and subsequently help him to form the original Furious Five. The team had begun in order to aid the nations of the world in their recovery from The Great War. This idealistic view of how we could heal the world soon changed when we began to see open hostilities worldwide begin anew, such as the Soviet-Polish War and the strife in Mexico. Clark Sr. and the rest of us decided to become a band of heroes for hire and work to help the oppressed. Ham began studying law following a suit put upon the team by one of the supposed down-trodden peoples whom we attempted to liberate, stated that “Clark Savage, Sr. and his Band of Vigilantes” caused unwanted and irreparable harm and damage to their town. We learned a great deal from that excursion, but that is a story for another time.

Back to our subject at hand though, Ham can be at times a bit gruff and more times than not, stubborn as a dead goat’s teat. I’ve found in these moments it’s best to keep a level head and calm exterior. Supplanting his nom de preference for the more jocular ident, “Theo” will usually bring his mind back to a more receptive field of play.Ah, Theodore how I loved our games and although I would never have admitted this in life, posthumously I can honestly say that you were my greatest and best of friends.

Eleanor woke the next morning cradled in Ham’s trunk like arms with her head rising and falling with the breath of his lungs. The bright red hair of his chest, feeling much softer, and more pleasant on her face than she would have thought possible. She closed her eyes and contemplated the past evenings conversation. Clark had been missing since the year her dig began and she had been completely unaware of the fact for all this time. There were many months that she had cursed his name for never visiting or writing to enquire on her progress or her well being and yet there were many months equal to those that she praised Clark Savage, Sr. for all that he had taught her and not least of all, the wonderful gift of Egypt and her mysteries laid open for Eleanor to unlock at her discretion and authority. And now, after all this time, all she could feel was guilt and remorse for being so wrapped up in her own affairs and emotions that she herself had never once attempted to contact him. There was no doubt in her mind after hearing from Ham about the man’s disappearance. She would be departing with the mornings supply truck bound for Aswan. From there she would fly to the coast of Spain where Ham’s ship awaited their arrival to transport them back to New York where she would meet the young Doctor who would dare the fates to keep his father from him.

Ham, had also informed her that she would be meeting the archeological relief crew that Doc had hand-picked, himself to look after and continue the work she had begun in Egypt. Upon hearing that news, all of Eleanor’s apprehensions melted away making it far easier to concentrate on things of a far more recreational nature, which in her opinion was even harder to find in the middle of a desert wasteland than any buried temple she had ever unearthed.

“Good morning Eleanor.”

Eleanor turned her head and looked up in to Ham’s grey eyes.

“Listen, Soldier. Considering that we’re gonna be working together for god only knows how long, drop the formals and call me Johnny.”

“Johnny it is, lassie.”

After a light meal of tea, bread, jam and some dried fish, the archeologist and the marine biologist made short work of the morning. Eleanor packed some essentials and a few personal items for her journey and exited her tent to meet Ham and the relief crew. She grilled the young diggers for an hour until she was satisfied and confident that they would keep the progress of her dig moving forward. She then addressed all of the Bedouin workers and introduced them to their new bosses. By the time everyone got back to work, it was close to noon and the supply truck was preparing to depart. After one last look at her first true love, she joined Ham in the truck and was off for her next great adventure. Would she ever see her beloved Egypt again?