The Arctic Fortress of Helmut Faust

Patricia opened her eyes and immediately regretted doing so. She was on her back and it felt as if her head was spilling the contents of her skull on to the floor, yet…she questioned whether any floor was even present. From what she perceived, there was water all around her. Water with exotic fish swimming this way and that. A tiny parrot fish swam up and stared at her for what seemed like an eternity as she wondered how she could possibly be breathing for so long under water. After some time, the tiny fish opened it’s mouth and said,

“Liebling? Are you all right?”


“I’m over here my love.”

With all her strength, Patricia pulled herself up in to a sitting position and saw that she was in a bedchamber. She was on the bed and had been staring at an aquarium wall. She looked across the room and rubbing his head in a blue velvet wing backed chair was her husband.

“How do you think someone cleans an aquarium that large?” she said

Albrecht Marmalarde looked up at his wife with disbelief.

“Sorry. My heads a bit out of focus. Where are we?”

“I can’t say for sure, but I’m assuming we are in the chambers of whomever sent those men to our home.”

“Wolgang! Where’s Wolfgang?!”

Albrecht cast his head down, “I don’t know my love. I don’t know.”

Patricia began weeping in to her hands. Her husband stood up with some difficulty and crossed the room to be by her side. He put his arm around her and she turned to look up at him with red tear soaked eyes.

“Albrecht, what are we going to do? He’s just a boy. What if he’s…”

“Your son is perfectly well Frau Marmalarde. We are taking good care of the boy and you shall see him again very soon.”

Patricia jumped off of the bed and raced to the door where a man stood in the doorway with peppered hair, a sharply trimmed goatee and a grey suit with spats. Albrecht restrained her before she could reach the man. He was a man who searched for answers before action.

“Where is my son?! Who are you?”

“My name is Helmut Faust professor and you will see your son after our business together has been concluded.”

“What business? I don’t even know you. Bring us our son and return us to our home immediately.”

“Give me my son and I may not kill you.” said Patricia

“I’m afraid I can’t do that madam. Not until your husband has completed the task I have set for him. A task that your homeland requires of you professor.”

“What task? You’re a mad man.”

“You are going to help me destroy the world sir and I assure you I am not mad.”